TetherTether is a unique and first stable coin. This is a special asset that is pegged to the value of fiat currency. It was released in 2014 by crypto investor Brock Pierce, entrepreneur Reeve Collins, and programmer Craig Sellers.

In addition, this currency was issued on the basis of the blockchain platform using the Omni Layer, Ethereum (ERC-20), TRON, EOS, Algorand, Solana and OMG Network protocols. Each coin is backed by the US dollar, which is now connected.

At the very beginning of its creation, this currency was called Realcoin. However, during the rebranding, it was decided to completely change its name, as well as the underlying technology. Today it is a really famous and popular stablecoin that is on the market. According to the creators, it is provided by the US dollar, at a ratio of one to one. This coin is presented any accounts on a wide variety of blockchain platforms. The last few years have shown that this particular coin shows perfect growth in trading volume, as well as excellent liquidity.

Tether or Bitcoin?

The Omni project is another software layer that will work on top of the key code of the blockchain system. This creates a currency for transactions.

Bitcoin coins differ from Tether in completely different reserves of fiat currency, which is stored in the company's account. That is, by and large, Bitcoin simply does not have such support.
Bitcoin was created to be a quality alternative to conventional currency, to completely eliminate the need for third parties in order to transfer money.

Tether was created to integrate conventional money into the blockchain by transforming it into a virtual asset. Since the blockchain is a truly secure system for storing and transmitting information. It is for this reason that many developers prefer to create their own currency within the framework of this system.

Actually, due to the peculiarities of the Tether currency, it cannot be mined, unlike Bitcoin. It also does not provide absolute anonymity. In return, it can offer stability by pegging the coins of the token to dollars. The user can choose for himself what suits him.